About Us

Razzmatazz is not just your ordinary high energy dance band. They bring a cutting rock edge to each performance that keep the dance floor packed and the fans screeming for more. World class performers who have graced the stage with Greg Allman,The Dixie Chicks, The Outfield , etc..... and bring a high level of performance to each gig. Wheather its opening the Ballpark at Arlington Stadium or Playing for the Govenors ball, Razzmatazz brings excitement to the stage. Their repitoire spans the decades up to current airplay.
  So if you want to get not just any band for your wedding or corporate event with a little something extra. Check out Razzmatazz at an event near you. They are not just any band.
Tim Hayes- Vocals and Bass
Laura Klobe- Vocals and Cowbell
John Salmon- Drums
Kevin Pyle- Keyboards
Thomas Dawson-Guitars
For Bookings Contact us at  214-682-3147